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Herzliche Worte von herzlichen Menschen

Portrait Fotograf Nürnberg Fürth Hochzeit Baby Newborn Familie Kinder

Olivia & Family


You have an incredible gift in capturing the emotion in a moment. My husband and I are delighted with all the photos, but we absolutely love the photos where you have captured all the beautiful details of our baby girl and her expressions, the natural moments. These are things we can look back and cherish with delight as they bring as so much joy now, but she is growing so quickly that without the photos I am certain we would soon forget them. You have managed to make us fall even more in love with our precious blessing when I thought it could not be possible. 

You are incredibly patient and kind and it is so apparent that you have found your passion in life. You stayed much longer than the usual allocated time, to ensure that none of us ever felt rushed. 

For me, as a first time mom, I learnt so much from watching you handle my daughter - and so, not only were you in our home in a professional capacity but I felt that in your personal capacity, as a mom of two, you taught me some invaluable things just by watching you soothe my daughter. 

I feel very blessed to have had you capture these photos for us and cannot look at the photos enough - they will be viewed many, many more times - simply because of the pure joy they bring and the emotion they evoke from the heart!

Cannot wait to work with you again in the future! 

Blessings, The Smiths 

Portrait Fotograf Nürnberg Fürth Hochzeit Baby Newborn Familie Kinder

Cilian & Family

Thank you Denise for effortlessly capturing the earliest days of our newborn son Cillian. Your natural ability to work with 3 little ones, a dog and 2 tired parents, beautifully capturing extremely precious moments for us was amazing. The photos you created are so beautiful we will treasure them forever. I would highly recommend you to anyone wishing to capture any special, intimate moments in their lives. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Melissa, Ken, kids & dashy the dog xx.

Portrait Fotograf Nürnberg Fürth Hochzeit Baby Newborn Familie Kinder

Alysha & Calia

Denise Hanisch, it was so lovely to have you photograph me in the last stages of my pregnancy. You even managed to get some great shots with my almost 3 year old. Thank you! You're calm, artistic and you have a keen eye for detail.

Can't wait to work with you again. 

Portrait Fotograf Nürnberg Fürth Hochzeit Baby Newborn Familie Kinder

Monja & Narada

Dear Denise, 


You are remarkably adept at capturing the perfect moments. I cannot get enough of our family photos. Although you had to deal with newborn twins for our photo shoot, which at times can be challenging, you showed so much patience. At times, you even lent a helping hand and assisted us with the babies by calming them down and holding them when needed. Thanks for capturing the perfect family moments we will forever treasure.

Portrait Fotograf Nürnberg Fürth Hochzeit Baby Newborn Familie Kinder

Beatrice & David

I just viewed our pictures on your site, and I want to say that I am very happy with your choice, although I actually liked them all! You did a wonderful job! My husband and I are very happy with the result. We have been looking at the pictures over and over again and are just thrilled with the result and are showing them to everyone.  

Although we had been a bit unfortunate in terms of the weather and thus the light  - not to mention the mood of our little son - you managed to create such a wonderful atmosphere and it was such a fun experience having you with us - you made us feel totally comfortable and I think that has what lead to so very personal pictures. Thanks again also for such a speedy turn around, we will make sure to spread the word what a great job you are doing and how amazing your pictures are!!!

Portrait Fotograf Nürnberg Fürth Hochzeit Baby Newborn Familie Kinder

Tina & Thomas

Memories of a pregnancy are priceless. 

With your photos you have held us this wonderful moment forever.

The photos have become more as gorgeous and I am looking forward, as soon as you are back in germany , to shoot with you again, cause i'm sure that i will get the most beautiful Photos from the first days of my little girl made by you. Thanks a million.

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